Thursday, September 14, 2006

Enough Said.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A little late on this one but I just sorted through all the pictures from Osheaga and Ratatat and I thought it'd be much easier to deal with this one first before moving on to an entire festival. So I've never been to "Dome" nor have I ever wanted to, but I found myself outside the doorway to what is now "Club Opera." With Dennis Rodman posters above I hoped it was a mistake, but then you notice a second doorway with "Les Saints" written above it in some type of S&M script. Down a dizzying passageway painted a color that could only enhance any type of after-party nausea or sickness, we found ourselves in "Les Saints." Now I know NightLife praised the sound system and the acoustics but it felt like you were trapped in some tasteless rich guy's carpeted basement with security exits everywhere you turned. The high-tech specs are there but the place lacks personality and warmth. Missed the opening act, second up were alright and Ratatat managed to piss everyone off taking over half an hour to set up a bass and a guitar. Other than their encore rendition of "Seventeen Years" I was left indifferent, but many in the crowd seemed to enjoy their new stuff. Some of their remixes could of added a little icing though ...

Ending of "Seventeen Years" (horrible quality ...)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brazilian Paupers?

Following a comment I've just recently noticed, it seems like I have more than just academia on my back. As anonymous so kindly pointed out, I have a certain proficiency for redundant diction, unnecessary and improper use of vocabulary and an undeniably pretentious flair. Then again, the many among you who know me personally would simply state that Elliott without his jargon, is not Elliott at all.

Keep the canon fodder coming I say!
(-42 for the unnecessary babble seems a little harsh, no?)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Thing of the Past

I'll always remember looking through those little wooden drawers filled with index cards in a library to find books; how tedious a task when authors and titles were all you had to work with. Our libraries now thankfully provide their users with extensive search engines and a myriad of periodical databases but as we consume hundreds of books, individuals rarely remember everything they've read and lose the opportunity to refer back. Here is where LibraryThing comes in. LibraryThing offers one the ability to create an online catalogue of all the books he or she wishes under a public profile. Users can then leave comments, write reviews, provide synopses, rate and tag the wealth of ink and paper they have trudged. LibraryThing has even just interfaced with BookMooch allowing its users to swap books by mail, spreadin' the love and best of all basic membership/subscription is free.

Back At It ...

I stopped blogging rather abruptly last June and never intended to strand this side project for as long as I have. Summer escapades now over and school life settling in once again, I saw it fitting to begin with the end and start anew. With memories of Osheaga still looming and hundreds of pictures to be sorted, it still seems I only posted the flyer yesterday ... De retour, welcome to Toy Boat - Floating in the City.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Entertain Me

Being stranded at home for one reason or another with nothing to due can get frustratingly monotonous. Watching the 'Most Viewed' YouTube videos can only dull the hunger for a few hours; thankfully PitchFork has created a '100 Awesome Music Videos' list which provides enough smirks and laughs for a few extra hours of pleasure.

The following selection, a Kelly Clarkson re-take, is rather terrible when noting there should have never been a first take but
"at the 2:37 mark is [perhaps] the greatest moment in the history of music videos."

Kidz Bop: "Since U Been Gone"
Directed by Wormseye Films

Sunday, June 18, 2006


phone conversations (unfortunately) negate all forms of vocal intonation and most importantly sarcasm ... I've had a few unfavorable outcomes of late due to this utterly frustrating flaw ...

-> Old post is up, below ...

Friday, June 16, 2006


I was quite pleasantly surprised when I flipped across this in the Hour ... The lineup is lengthy but then again the tickets aren't cheap either.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Late But Lovely

Although this is more than a week late, I still believe The Lovely Feathers' show at the Cabaret Music Hall deserves an honest mention. Tokyo Police Club, recently featured on the Pop Montreal PopCast, opened the show and gave a solid performance; far beyond par with the headlining Spinto Band. The beats were tight and their sound was a nice combination of what the indie scene has to offer; at times pop, with catchy lyrics, but done with innovative sounds that don't hinder the melodies.

The Montreal based Feathers then took the stage and gave one of the better performances I've seen of late. I missed them on two previous occasions and thankfully I didn't let my weary eyes get the better of me. The crowd got into it and the intense spectacle before us ended way too soon. Definitely one of the better bands Montreal has to offer; renditions like that of 'Wrong Choice' are few and far between.

The Spinto Band then took the stage but their performance echoed as much excitement as does the word Delaware, the state they're fittingly from.

Picture slideshow found here ...

Friday, June 09, 2006


Serie of prints made during class ...
(I tried to insert a toy boat in the middle about to tumble over a sidewalk and fall into a storm drain)